We recover
your precious metals!

We recycle industrial by products to produce valuable raw materials for reprocessing – primarily gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh) and ruthenium (Ru).By exposing industrial waste to high temperatures, we reduce impurities to ash, leaving a concentrated residue that is milled, blended and laboratory tested, allowing its metal content to be determined. Thanks to the large scale of our plant and highly efficient procedures, we’ll be in a position to reimburse you with a credit for the recovered metals within a few weeks.

We make use of all the latest technologies and follow precision working practises, providing you with an end-to-end service. Each stage of the process is explained to our customers and fully documented – helping us to forge strong working relationships, based on trust.

We have long standing partnerships with many clients comprising numerous mid-sized and larger businesses across Europe. We are further building up our client base in China and India.

The latest technologicalknow-how.

Latest plant technology, high capacity reprocessing and unique know-how, make us one of Europe’s leading precious metal recovery businesses.

The incineration process is highly dependent on the choice of technology and a stable processing temperature. We currently run 16 furnaces, which allow optimised processing of a wide variety of by products. The impact of toxic waste is kept to a minimum, with the environmentally regulated processing of dangerous materials guaranteed.

We also operate a number of different macerators for the preparation of waste materials, together with a choice of ball mills and blenders with different capacities. All machinery is operated at peak efficiently and to exacting standards.

Efficiency and working practises of the highest quality deliver the best results – providing or clients with great value for money.

Please see our company brochure for information about our service levels and to read further about our business Company brochure.

Sustainability is our by word.

The fact that we reclaim precious metals is proof enough of our sustainability credentials, but how we achieve this is equally significant. Employing modern, highly efficient technologies and taking the greatest of care during the entire process, means we conserve resources and energy. As a result, even the heat produced by the furnaces is partially captured and used.

The fact that we take our responsibilities seriously, is further proven by our environmental management certification ISO 14001: we have set ourselves environmental targets, which are continually challenged and revised.

Of course, sustainability is also a key consideration for our management. We‘ve invested heavily in our plant in Germany and our experienced, well-trained staff. Long-term employment contracts and benchmarked salaries are standard – together with a good working environment and a free canteen for all employees.

In addition, we continually invest in new technologies and are developing our business and offering. This allows us to provide our clients with a first class service.



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Quality, responsibility and experience for more than 40 years.

Originally set up by Norbert Brand in Offenbach in 1980, the business already laid great importance in recycling, at a time when industrial by products containing precious metals were simply dumped. He still stands by his motto of ’we’re thinking ahead’, which has proven to be a highly successful strategy for promoting the healthy growth of the business.

Nobra GmbH currently has 40 full-time employees and is still headquartered in Offenbach. The industrial unit has been based in Rippershausen, Thuringia since 1991, where we started with a single furnace, but now operate twelve. As a mid-sized, family run business, we offer our clients the considerable advantages of flexibility, fast turnaround times, a quick decision making process and service tailored to their individual needs.