Experience and precision working practises you can trust.

We are proud of our precise and environmentally sound working practises, which are central to our business. From transport to reprocessing, analysis to billing, our high levels of quality control at each stage of the process are made possible by our trusted team and wide experience of recovering precious metals. We also employ the latest methodology and industry-leading technology.

You can be assured of the conscientious treatment of waste materials and careful processing methods. The reprocessing plant is constantly monitored by 12 CCTV cameras and is patrolled by security overnight.

You can be assured of the conscientious treatment of waste materials and careful processing methods.


Waste materials are picked up by our own vehicles, which are fully compliant to carry dangerous goods. We can also provide on site collection containers on request. This option saves time and administration since we take care of all the formalities for you, even if we use 3rd party carriers. As soon as the waste arrives at our plant, it’s weighed by calibrated scales and compared to the stated pick-up weight.Return carriage of ingots or granulates for reprocessing is taken care of by our transport service.

Materials testing

Your delivery is allocated a processing number for ease of tracking through all stages of the reprocessing and sample analysis. The waste is then examined, to establish the optimal recovery method. Mechanical preparation of the waste is completed by a number of different macerators and any sensitive materials are shredded immediately on arrival at our depot.

Thermal processing

Preparation of waste materials commences with volume reduction by means of a thermal process, where all organic elements are reduced to ash. We have access to two different installations for this process, depending on the nature of the material to be processed. A decision is therefore made to determine the best choice of process and the optimum temperatures involved.

Producing a sample for the lab.

The cooled embers are ground up in ball mills and homogenised in aggregators. Only precision, even blending produces a sample that is truly representative of the complete batch.


The basis of accurate analysis is a first class sample. Following thermal treatment, waste materials are finely ground and thoroughly blended. Great care and attention is taken at this stage, as it is vital to the outcome. The finer the consistency, the better the sample – and the more accurately it’ll represent the full volume.

On request, we can provide a sample of the test material, or you may wish to attend the test yourself or send a representative. An initial outcome is produced by our on site lab, followed by further analysis by an external, independent source. We retain samples, for the purpose of later queries, for a period of 6 months.

If we are dealing with a new by product, we will produce a sample at no cost to the client. We will first need to establish whether the waste is suitable for our current methods, or whether we have to develop a new, customised process.

Settlement of accounts

Payment for recovered gold will be determined on the basis of the daily price on the London Bullion Market (London Gold Fixing).

There are a number of different options open to you:

  • Immediate bank transfer of funds
  • Credit paid to a precious metals account
  • Delivery of the metals in the form of bars, granules e.g. for processing, transport being arranged by us

Experience and care. You can trust in that.